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There is no extra help for Delphi2CB, which is an low-priced extract of Delphi2Cpp for users of C++Builder.



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Delphi2Cpp helps to convert Delphi source code to C++. In contrast to the first version of Delphi2Cpp, the current Delphi2Cpp 2.xx *) processes not only Delphi 7 code but all Delphi language expansions which were added since then. Delphi2Cpp 2 also uses the new features of C++11 and later to improve the translation results. Nevertheless a manual post-processing of the produced code still will be required. However, it is aim of the program to keep the amount of the post-processing as small as possible. Some principle flaws are listed here.


A comparison of Delphi2Cpp 2 and Delphi2Cpp 1 is here.







The actual version of Delphi2Cpp 2 can be obtained from the TextTransformer websites:




*) For a while this version was called DelphiXE2Cpp11

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