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In the Output options you can chose the kind of c++-compiler, for which the output shall be produced.







CBuilder is made on top of a Delphi-Compiler and has some C++ extensions to cope with language features of Delphi, which cannot be reproduced adequately with the standard C++. This extended C++ is the primary target of the translation made by Delphi2Cpp.


Visual C++/gcc/Other


At the moment there is nearly no difference in the options to produce code for Visual C++, gcc or any other compiler. Only threadvars are treated differently for gcc. In future there will be more compiler specific conversions.

If the generated C++ code shall be used with other compilers than the CBuilder, properties are eliminated and the __fastcall directives are left out. You can change the prefixes of the names for the functions which are created instead of the properties. It is recommended in this case to switch off the special treatment of VCL functions too and to use standard strings instead of the Delphi strings.


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