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Some compilers allow header files to be precompiled into a precompiled header, which then hasn't to be recompiled in future compilations. The point up to which the code is precompiled is marked by a specific file or a pragma.

Delphi2Cpp can insert the according marker into the generated code.






There are three options:



1. <vcl.h>


normally used with CBuilder. Delphi2Cpp also appends the line:


#pragma hdrstop


if this option is chosen.



2. "stdafx.h"


normally used with Visual C++.



3. No marker for a precompiled header at all


for other compilers like gcc.



If the options "Use" is activated, no include directives are written into the C++ output, with exception of the header of the actual source file. The user can include the file into the file for the precompiled headers or into the stdafx.h instead.




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