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There is a counterpart to the Delphi properties only in the extended C++ of the CBuilder. You can set the option to produce C++ code for other compilers than the CBuilder. In this case properties are eliminated


Instead of the properties their read and write specifications are replaced by two functions whose names are derived from the name of the original property. As default the expression "ReadProperty" or "WriteProperty" is put in front of this name respectively. You can change these prefixes in the option dialog.



property List : TList read AList write SetList;


/* __property TList * List */

TList * ReadPropertyList( ) const;

void WritePropertyList( TList * Value );



These functions regulate the access to the fields or methods, which originally were set in the property. The visibility of these fields or methods usually is private or protected. In the "ReadProperty" function the originally set field is returned or a call of the original return function is carried out. In the "WriteProperty" function the assignment to the original field is carried out the parameters are passed to the originally method.


TList * COptions :: ReadPropertyList( ) const {

  return AList;


void COptions :: WritePropertyList( TList * Value ) {

  SetList ( Value );




At all places in the remaining code where a property was read, the "ReadProperty" function is used and the "WriteProperty" function is called in all places, where originally a value was assigned to a property.



List := Value;

Value := List;


WritePropertyList( Value );

Value = ReadPropertyList( );



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