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If you like to use the file manager for the translation of your source files, you have to decide where the resulting files shall be written. The edit box for the target path which is shown in the picture below, is shown in your application only, if you have selected an option to write the resulting files into a different place as the source files.




1.The most simple case is tor write the C# files just to the same place, where the source files are.
2.All files can be written into a common target directory, regardless of the place of the source file
3.The relative paths of files in a common root directory can be reproduced in the target folder.


If case two or three are selected the field for the target folder/root is shown and a dialog for the selection of a the target directory can be opened by the SelectPath_btn button:.


If target files shall be written outside of the common target path/root, the checkbox to allow individual file names or folders can be enabled. In that case an additional column for individual targets are shown on the source page.




At the top of this options page either a default path or the path to the currently loaded project is shown. If you save or load the source paths, they are calculated relatively to this project path. This allows the exchange the "management"-files between different drives or computers. But you have to pay attention that source folders and project path fit to each other.








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