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Delphi2C# helps to convert Delphi source code to C#. Both languages are designed by the Danish software engineer Anders Hejlsberg and have a lot of concepts and even classes in common. However C# uses managed code while some basic units of the Delphi RTL heavily makes use of pointers. The core of the Delphi RTL is rebuilt for C# and some classes to simulate pointers are provided too. So the translation of "normal" user code works well. Nevertheless a manual post-processing of the produced code still will be required. It is aim of the program to keep the amount of the post-processing as small as possible. Some principle flaws are listed here.



Delphi2C# is built on the experience with the earlier "Delphi2Cpp" and the current "DelphiXE2Cpp11". The main difference between these converters to C++ and Delphi2C# concerns the use of pointers. A more detailed comparison of Delphi2C# and Delphi2Cpp/DelphiXE2Cpp11 is here.






The actual version of Delphi2C# can be obtained from the TextTransformer websites:


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