For a demonstration at the German CodeRage 2021 the SynEdit components were converted with Delphi2CB into code for the C++Builder.

There is now a slightly expanded English version of the video. The original video was split into three parts. The code has also been updated. It has now been created with Delphi2CB 2.1. built from the current components for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria. The code has been uploaded to GitHub.

Conversion of Delphi projects to C++Builder projects using the SynEdit components as example

Part 1
The first part demonstrates the creation of a C++Builder project from the CompletionProposal Demo using the installed SynEdit components.

Part 2
The second part discusses some problems in converting the code of SynEdit components to C++.

Part 3
The third part demonstrates the creation of a C++Builder project from the more complex EditApp demo using the C++ converted code of the SynEdit components.


A recording of the original German-language talk can be seen here:

CodeRage 2021 German Talk

   deutsch Deutsch


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"Though we have not finished the conversion yet, I'm glad that we've found you and could transform Eurocap to C++ with the help of Delphi2CB and you. (And I'm also glad that we could help you to make Delphi2CB better😉)"

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