converts Delphi 7 source code into C++ code

Aurora2Cpp is a spin-off from Delphi2Cpp 2 . While the latter program can convert all features of the current Delphi to C++, the cheaper Aurora2Cpp is limited to the features of Delphi 7 (codename Aurora).

Aurora2Cpp uses slightly modified Delphi 7 RTL source code *) when translating the Delphi code. This way you get C++ code with the same namespace conventions as at the current state of Delphi and the C++Builder.

Please find out more about the possibilities and limitations of Aurora2Cpp in the Aurora2Cpp documentation.

If you are interested in Aurora2Cpp, please contact me.

Price: 3300 €

*) Due to copyright, this code, as well as the translated code of the Delphi 7 RTL, will only be delivered to customers who provide proof that they have a legitimate license for Delphi 7.

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"Though we have not finished the conversion yet, I'm glad that we've found you and could transform Eurocap to C++ with the help of Delphi2CB and you. (And I'm also glad that we could help you to make Delphi2CB better😉)"

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