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Static arrays can have one or more dimensions. The declarations in C# can be derived from the Delphi declarations in a straightforward manner.:



  // Define static arrays

  wordArray  : Array[Word] Of Integer;     // Static, size=High(Word)

  multiArray : Array[byte, 1..5] Of char;  // Static array, 2 dimensions

  rangeArray : Array[5..20] Of string;     // Static array, size = 16



  // Define static arrays

  int[] wordArray = new int[65536/*# word*/];     // Static, size=High(Word)

  char[,] multiArray = new char[256/*# byte*/, 5/*# range   1..  5*/];  // Static array, 2 dimensions

  string[] rangeArray = new string[16/*# range   5..  20*/];     // Static array, size = 16



While in Delphi the lower bound and the upper bound have to be defined, in C# arrays are always zero based, Array indices are corrected by Delphi2C#.





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