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A Delphi set is simulated in the C# VCL by the class TSet in DelphiSets.cs.


public class TSet : IEnumerable


Every TSet consists of 256 bits, which can be set or unset.




CharSet: set Of 'a'..'z';

NumberSet: set Of 1..10;




private static TSet CharSet = new TSet();

private static TSet NumberSet = new TSet();




A set is created on the fly, if there is no explicit type-declaration of a set, as e.g. in:


MySet := ['a','b','c'];




MySet = new TSet() << 'a' << 'b' << 'c';


An example of a set constant is:




  TDay = (dMon, dTue, dWed, dThu, dFri, dSat, dSun);



  cDays: set Of TDay = [dMon .. dSun];





public enum TDay {dMon,






           dSun };


public static TSet cDays = TSet() << 

          (int) dMon << (int) dTue << (int) dWed << (int) dThu << (int) dFri << (int) dSat << 

          (int) dSun;




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