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In addition the the definitions which the user can set in the translation options the identifier CSHARP always is defined in Delphi2C#. The preprocessor treats this identifier in a special manner. The pre-processor not simply writes the according code into the pre-processed code, but it puts it into the special brackets (*#_ ... _#*). In a second step the translator then removes the brackets.


For example:


{$ifdef CSHARP}

  out << s << endl;





The pre-processed code then is:


(*#_ out << s << endl; _#*)


and because of the special treatment of the brackets (*#_..._#*), the final C# output is:


out << s << endl;


Delphi2C# ignores the part of code in the {$else}-section completely, but it is visible to the Delphi compiler. So, this special manner of the conditional compilation makes it possible that both the original Delphi code and the generated C# code remain compiling.


The identifiers in these section either can be normalized or can be left untouched. This is controlled by the CSHARP unification option.



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