non virtual class methods

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Delphi non virtual class methods are converted to C# static methods. They can be called through a class reference or an object reference:




 TBase = class(TObject)


    class function ClassMethod(xi: Integer): Integer;






  pBase: TBase;

  i : Integer;


  i := TBase.ClassMethod(0);  // calling through a class reference

  // ...

  i := pBase.ClassMethod(0);  // calling through an object reference



This is translated in the following way:



public class TBase : TObject


  public static int ClassMethod(int xi)








TBase* pBase = NULL;

int i = 0;

TBase.ClassMethod(0);  // calling through a class reference

// ...

TBase.ClassMethod(0);  // calling through an object reference


The class method cannot be called through an object reference.






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