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The Log panel displays logging messages and errors.





The kind of a message is marked by the colored boxes, which are displayed to the left of the node’s labels:


White        neutral message

Black        starting the translation without errors

Grey        results of the preprocessor

Blue        including another file

Green        success

Yellow        warning

Red        error

purple        missing file

orange        subsequent error (due to previous error or missing file)


The picture above is a typical example:

The first line occurs, because no definitions are set in the options.

The red box in front of the filename in the second line means, that there were errors when the file was processed. The cause of the error is marked by the innermost error SysUtils: unexpected token. This error is propagated to it's parent nodes.


When SysUtils.pas is opened and the translation is started, it stops at:


function AdjustLineBreaks(const S: string; Style: TTextLineBreakStyle =

            ): string;


This is a wrong result of the preprocessor. You can reload the original SysUtils.pas and find the position of TTextLineBreakStyle:


function AdjustLineBreaks(const S: string; Style: TTextLineBreakStyle =

        {$IFDEF LINUX} tlbsLF {$ENDIF}

        {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} tlbsCRLF {$ENDIF}): string;


Because neither LINUX nor MSWINDOWS had been defined, after preprocessing there is no value assigned to TTextLineBreakStyle.





In the next image you can see an example of the Log panel after use of the file manager, The results of all files are listed in the tree:








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