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After one or several files have been processed the list of identifiers can be saved, which was created by the preprocessor to unify their notations: On the page for the substitution options the list can  be loaded again for another session, so that the notations of the identifiers in the generated C# output are the same as in the previous files.


The path to such a list is set on the third register page of the option dialog and is saved together with the other options.





If the path is saved as part of the options, the list is loaded at the same time as the options are loaded.


Whenever additional files are translated and new identifiers were found, you are asked to save them.If you accept, at first a dialog appears by which you can select a file for the list. If the path to the file is different to the path which is set in the options or if no path is set there at all, you are asked whether you want to insert the new path into the options.


Your can edit such a list in an external editor or even create such a list by hand Every line has to consist in just one identifier. E.g. 








If you change "Setscrollinfo" to "SetScrollInfo", all appearances of this identifier will be unified to the second form.

If the same identifiers occurs more than one time in the list, the latest occurrence will be taken.


If you edit the list in an external editor, you have to reload the list by the button Reload identifiers, otherwise the changes will not have an effect in the current session.


There also are some fixed identifiers, which cannot be modified by the list of identifiers.


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