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A file path can be set on the input options page, which can be used to avoid possible naming conflicts that can occur when using global using directives.



Such conflicts arise, when the name of a routine also is defined in interface of another unit. By means of a file with a list of names of routines followed by the unit name, where they are declared in the interface part, an encountered routine name can be looked up. If the current file hasn't the the listed file name, the current name has to be qualified.



For example section of the list could look like:


FileRead, System.SysUtils

FileSearch, System.SysUtils




If there is also a function named "FileSearch" in the current unit, its use is preceded by the qualifier:


[name of current unit]Implementation.FileSearch



[name of current unit]Inerface.FileSearch


depending on whether the file is defined in the interface part or in the implementation part of the current unit.



A file with the list of all functions can be produced when the field  is empty and the option: 


       Global using directive


is activated on the output page. If the code is translated now with these options a text file named:




is written into the same folder, where GlobalUsingDirectives.txt is also written, that is the folder where the start file is located. When the path of a copy of "GlobalInterfaceSymbols.txt" is set into the field for the interface symbols on the input page the information of this file is used to generate the necessary qualifiers, when the translation is executed again.

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