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User Delphi code is based on the Delphi RTL and the VCL One could think this isn't a problem, since this code can be translated by Delphi2C# as well as the own code. Unfortunately, it is not quite so simple. Particularly the file System.pas makes problems. System.pas is interlocked with the Delphi compiler narrowly. Some fundamental function are built into the the Delphi compiler and some parts are encoded in a special manner, which are interpreted correctly from the Delphi compiler only. For example the symbol "_AnsiStr" is used instead of "AnsiString" and the same applies to quite a number of other basic types.System pas further depends partly on assembler code. RTL/VCL sources also convert API functions and types of the operating system such that they are conform to Delphi. In C++ this conversion isn't necessary. Also some parts of System.pas aren't needed in C++.

Therefore some parts of the Delphi RTL are pre-translated and prepared to use with the code translated by Delphi2C#. Because Embarcadero has the copyright of the Delphi RTL/VCL the translated parts cannot be shipped with the Delphi2C# installer. However as customer of Delphi2C# you certainly will have a license of Delphi too and as owner you also have the right to use the translated code. So you can get the C# version of the Delphi code, if you send a prove of the Delphi ownership to me or simply send the Delphi RTL code to me.


Some helping code is already delivered with the Delphi2C# installer:







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