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At the type options a type map can be shown. If use user type-map is checked, the cells of the shown grid can be edited.





In the first column of the type map the names of Delphi built-in types and the second column the according names of the C++ types are listed. In the further columns some properties of the C++ types are given:





Size:                size of the type in bytes

Minimum:         minimum value of the type

Maximum:        maximum value of the type

In System:        true, if the type is defined in d2c_system or in System.h, else false.


The last column determines, whether the System namespace is prepended to the according type name in a header.


For example BOOL is a Windows type and therefore has not to be defined in the System namespace. E.g.:


longbool        BOOL        4        -2147483648        2147483647        false




Under Linux however BOOL is unknown and could be defined in d2c_systypes.h



longbool        BOOL        4        -2147483648        2147483647        true






In addition to the built-in types there is a size_t item, though  no corresponding type exists in Delphi. The reason is, that sometimes Integer types are converted to size_t types in C++ and the properties of size_t determine whether some casts are written into the resulting code, which avoid warnings from the C++ compiler.



For C++Builder sometimes simple type identifiers are needed, because no space is allowed inside of a type identifier.





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