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Some procedures for the conversion of DFM files are predefined in d2c_dfm.h/.cpp, which is provided by the Delphi2Cpp installer . Their names are constructed in the same way as other user defined DFM assignment routines.. The DfmRoutines.txt file in the project folder contains the name parts for DFM conversion routines which were used in applications from which the DFM feature of Delphi2Cpp was developed. DfmRoutines.txt can be opened and inserted into project files directly in the according dialog.



1. Assignment


void AssignTIconData(TForm* xp, const System::DynamicArray<System::Byte>& Bytes);

void AssignTImageListBitmap(TImageList* xp, const System::DynamicArray<System::Byte>& Bytes);

void AssignTPictureData(TImage* pImage, const System::DynamicArray<System::Byte>& Bytes);


void AssignFormTextHeight(TForm* xpForm, int xi);

void AssignTBitmapData(TSpeedButton* xp, const System::DynamicArray<System::Byte>& xBytes);

void AssignFormPixelsPerInch(TForm* xp, int xi);

void AssignDataModuleHeight(TDataModule* xp, int xi);

void AssignDataModulePixelsPerInch(TDataModule* xp, int xi);

void AssignDataModuleWidth(TDataModule* xp, int xi);


void AssignTStringGridColWidths(TStringGrid* xp, int xi, int xiIndex);

void AssignTStringGridRowHeights(TStringGrid* xp, int xi, int xiIndex);



void AssignControlIsControl(TControl* xp, bool xb);



// requires parent


void AssignTRichEditHideSelection(TRichEdit* xp, bool xb);

void AssignTColorBoxStyle(TColorBox* xp, const System::Set<TColorBoxStyles, cbStandardColors, cbCustomColors>& xSet);




2. Creation


TMenuItem* CreateTMainMenuTMenuItem(TMainMenu* xp);

TMenuItem* CreateTMenuItemTMenuItem(TMenuItem* xp);



3. Items


TFieldDef* GetTFieldDefsitem(TFieldDefs* xp, int xiIndex)



4. Events


void OnTDataSetBegin(TDataSet* xp);

void OnTDataSetEnd(TDataSet* xp);

void OnTSplitterBegin(TSplitter* xp);

void OnTSplitterEnd(TSplitter* xp);



An example for the implementation of such a routine is:


TMenuItem* CreateTMainMenuTMenuItem(TMainMenu* xp)


       TMenuItem* pItem = new TMenuItem(xp);


       return pItem;





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