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The finally keyword after a try block opens a block of code, which is executed regardless of what happened in the try block. Here some cleanup can be done and acquired resources can be freed. C++Builder has an according key word  __finally , which does the same in C++, but this is not a standard keyword. For other compilers finally statements have to be simulated. Delphi2Cpp takes a solution which is presented by Craig Scott::




By use of the presented OnLeavingScope class the translation of a try-finally statement looks as follows:





  obj : TObject;




  obj := TObject.Create(NIL);








#include "OnLeavingScope.h"


TObject* Obj = NULL;


  auto olsLambda = onLeavingScope([&] 


    delete Obj;


  Obj = new TObject(NULL);




olsLambda is a class, which gets a lambda function as parameter to its constructor. This function is stored internally and gets executed in the destructor of the class. The include "OnLeavingScope.h" is inserted automatically.













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