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At first Delphi2Cpp is concentrated on code constructs occurring the most frequently in Delphi code. In more complex cases Delphi2Cpp even can fail at constructs described as translatable in this manual. In the result, there may by some quotes of the original Delphi code within the C++ code. They have to be eliminated by hand. Sometimes Delphi2Cpp generates an explicit comment which points out with the word "todo" that here still is something to do.


Some general Delphi constructs, which aren't, automatically translated yet are:


Little effort has been done to test the COM technologies of the Delphi ActiveX framework.
Inline assembler code in Delphi and C++ almost are identically. Delphi2Cpp doesn't translate these parts.but only copies them.
Delphi2Cpp always assumes unique names.So, e.g  functions with the same name, which differ in the signatures only cannot be distinguished.
Some problems with constructors remain. E.g. Delphi2Cpp cannot distinguish constructors with equal signatures.
Manual post-processing to achieve const-correctness is necessary.



Special problems:


char type problem

finally problem






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