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The reconstruction of the methods of TObject and TClass of the Delphi VCL in  C++ was made by means of template meta-programming. The basic idea stems from Marcin Wudraczyk:


though his implementation had to be changed in some important points to fit to the design of the VCL.


The basic idea is, to store the meta information of classes in a static members of the classes. These members and the functions to retrieve the information are inserted into the classes by means of two macros (metaobject and metaobject_impl). That's done, when the according option is enabled.


Functions that are implemented by the macros are:


const TClass VClassType() const


delivers the dynamical TClass


const TObject* VObjectType() const


delivers a const object of the class


const TClass SClassType()


delivers the static type TClass


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