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SetString doesn't exist in the CBuilder VCL. If this function is used in the translated code, an implementation of one's own is required. According to the Delphi help the declaration is:


procedure SetString(var s: string; buffer: PChar; len: Integer);


Also according to the Delphi help this declaration should be found in the System.pas. But only the following exists there:


procedure _SetString(s: PShortString; buffer: PChar; len: Byte);


Delphi2Cpp uses such declarations - by removing the underscore - if nothing else is found. Indeed, just for the SetString function. Delphi2Cpp corrects this declaration internally. But with the definition in d2c_system.pas, you don't need to write your own C++ implementation.


In d2c_system.pas there are three declarations of SetString.


procedure SetString(var S: AnsiString; Buffer: PChar; Len: Integer); overload;

procedure SetString(var S: WideString; Buffer: PWideChar; Len: Integer); overload;

procedure SetString(var S: ShortString; Buffer: PChar; Len: Integer); overload;


When the Delphi2Cpp translator finds a call of SetString, it cannot distinguish between these declarations and will take just the first one it finds. That doesn't matter, because all three declarations have at first a variable string parameter, then a character pointer and then an integer parameter. This vague signature is all, that Delphi2Cpp needs. But later the C++ compiler can chose the right alternative for the according string type.


The implementations of the procedures for AnsiStrings and WideStrings are quite trivial More interesting is the implementation for ShortStrings:


procedure SetString(var S: AnsiString; Buffer: PChar; Len: Integer);



  S[0] = Len;

  if ( Buffer != NULL )

         memmove( &S[1], Buffer, Len );  _*)



The translation with Delphi2Cpp results in:


void __fastcall SetString( AnsiString& S, char* Buffer, int Len )


  S[0] = Len;

  if ( Buffer != NULL )

         memmove( &S[1], Buffer, Len );










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