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In the professional version of Delphi2Cpp the identifier Cpp is pre-defined in the translator. The preprocessor interprets code areas, in which a test for the definition of Cpp succeeds, a special way: they are enclosed in the special brackets  (*_ ... _*) so that the translator then writes these text areas unchanged into the C++ code.


For example:


{$ifdef Cpp}

  out << s << endl;





After pre-processing the translator gets:


(*_ out << s << endl; _*)


and because of the special treatment of the brackets (*_..._*), the final C++ output is:


out << s << endl;


Delphi2Cpp ignores the part of code in the {$else}-section completely, but it is visible to the Delphi compiler. So, this special way of the conditional compilation makes it possible that both the original Delphi code and the generated C++ code remain compiling.





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