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Message handlers are methods that implement responses to dynamically dispatched messages. Delphi’s VCL uses message handlers to respond to Windows messages.


In Delphi a message handler is created by including the message directive in a method declaration, followed by an integer constant between 1 and 49151 which specifies the message ID.


In CBuilder the routine for handling the message can be declared as a macro:


#define VCL_MESSAGE_HANDLER(msg,type,meth)          \


          case    msg:                              \

            meth(*((type *)Message));               \



This macros has to be embedded in two other macros:


#define BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP virtual void __fastcall Dispatch(void *Message) \


        {                                           \

          switch  (((PMessage)Message)->Msg)        \




#define END_MESSAGE_MAP(base)    default:    \



                        break;                  \

          }                                     \




For example the two message handlers:


  procedure WMVScroll(var Message: TWMVScroll); 

                      Message WM_VSCROLL;

  procedure WMHScroll(var Message: TWMHScroll); 

                      Message WM_HSCROLL;



are translated to CBuilder C++:


  MESSAGE void __fastcall WMVScroll( TWMVScroll& Message ) 

               /*# WM_VSCROLL */;

  MESSAGE void __fastcall WMHScroll( TWMHScroll& Message ) 

               /*# WM_HSCROLL */;








If the CBuilder option is not set, only the comments are written, but not the macros.





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