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Per default all files are scanned for type information, constants and for global variables which are included in the source file and which are placed in the same folder as the actual Delphi source file. You can select more include directories in the options dialog.






These directories are separated into


the folders of files for which only the interfaces are needed and

the folders of files, which really shall be translated.


This difference is really relevant only, though, when the the latter ones shall be found out automatically or if a management shall be created automatically. The files, which shall be translated can be selected also manually and the paths to those files too. That's even recommended, because the automatic process is fault-prone.


Both kinds of folders are to be set in a dialog like the one below:






In addition to the both kinds of files just mentioned, a special path to an own System.pas can be set.


Please also notice, that there are some special treatments of other special files.




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