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For Visual C++ most parts of the most basic Delphi units System.pas and Sysutils.pas are translated from the free pascal sources:( ). You can find the code in the folder





The C++ counterpart of Sysutils.pas is written in a single source file. System.pas however is split into some smaller files. But all headers of these smaller files are put together into "System.h", which is:



#ifndef SystemH

#define SystemH


#if defined( WIN32 ) || defined( WIN64 )

#define windows 1



#include "d2c_system.h"

#include "d2c_systypes.h"

#include "d2c_sysconst.h"

#include "d2c_syscurr.h"

#include "d2c_sysdate.h"

#include "d2c_systobj.h"

#include "d2c_openarray.h"

#include "d2c_sysexcept.h"

#include "d2c_sysmath.h"

#include "d2c_sysstring.h"

#include "d2c_sysfile.h"


using namespace System;


#endif // SystemH





There are three pas-file, which contains the according interface declarations. These pas-files have to be put into the search paths for files not to convert (VCL) in the option dialog of Delphi2Cpp.


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