Creating BPR/BPK files

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At the conversion of Delphi dpr-files at first such a file is translated like any other Delphi source file. But, if the according option was enabled, a C++Builder bpr project file or a bpk-file is created afterwards too. For this reason there are four frame files in the source folder:







for GUI applications, console applications, libraries and packages respectively.these frame files all contain the placeholders






for the name of the project, the main source and the search paths.


Delphi2Cpp ignores technical settings like compiler switches at this translation. The generated C++Builder project are just for a quick start with the translated code. You will have to set your special options manually.You can adapt the frames for your own preferred C++Builder project settings. But the number and order of the placeholders must be maintained.


If you load the options into the C++Builder, it will at first complain about the missing resource file and then create a new one. The translated application might use components, which are not installed in your IDE. This will be denounced too. If the code of these components is in a sub-directory of the project, Delphi2Cpp will have added it to the generated C++Builder project, You will have to remove it and install the components instead.




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