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For C++Builder the value of an array of const is represented by two values: a pointer to a TVarRec and the index of the last element of the array, which begins at the position which the pointer points to.



procedure foo(Args : array of const);




void __fastcall foo (  TVarRec* Args, const int Args_Size );



When such a functions is called with a set as argument, the macro ARRAYOFCONST is used into the C++ output.


foo(['hello', 'world']);   ->  foo (  ARRAYOFCONST(( "hello", "world" )) );


This macro is defined for the C++Builder  as:


#define ARRAYOFCONST(values) 





The class OpenArray<TVarRec> is constructed in a manner, that it's address is equal to the pointer TVarRec* used in the signature of foo above.

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