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Special VCL-functions

There aren't some VCL functions in C++ and have to be expressed differently (incomplete list):

 Delphi   C++   Condition 
 ( foo )foo != NULL 
 , 1,3)foo.SubString(1,3)forstrings 
 )i -= 2 
 , 1,3)foo.Delete(1,3)forstrings 
 )delete foo 
 , bar)foo >> barforsets 
 )größter enum-Wert 
 )i += 2 
 , bar)foo << barforsets 
 )kleinster enum-Wert 
 )p = newtype_of_ponly     works, 
 , bar)bar.Pos(foo);forstrings 
 , bar)foo.SetLength(bar);forstrings 

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